Anniversaries only happen once a year. So, as one of the partners in a long-term relationship, it’s your duty to make those days as special as possible. You can plan a trip outside the city, treat your taste buds in a romantic dinner by the pier, or have a simple staycation with ice cream, movies, and each other’s arms.

Whatever you do, just don’t forget the all-important anniversary gift to commemorate your love.

What’s that? You forgot to plan for your anniversary?

Don’t panic — you’ve come to the right place.

Here are 5 of the best anniversary gifts that will make it seem as if you’ve been planning for weeks!

1. “Where We’ve Been” Map

If you’ve had plenty of memorable adventures together, then a simple gift idea would be a “where we’ve been” map. For this, you’ll need a regular map, printed photos of your travels, and some stickers for decoration.

The bigger the map, the better. It’s also ideal to pin it somewhere visible, like your living room wall or your fridge.

2. A Spa Day

According to science, couples who go on relaxing activities together enjoy healthier and happier relationships. That’s why, instead of purchasing expensive gifts like jewelry or gadgets, consider treating your other half to a day at the spa — where your only job is to relax and feel the stress being squeezed out of your body.

With the internet, it should be easy to find establishments that offer whole-day packages. Otherwise, you’ll have to cap off the day yourself by looking for other things to do, such as dining out or watching a movie.

3. A Spotify Playlist

Music and romance go hand in hand. If you believe your love story can be summarized with song titles, then a thoughtful gift you can give would be your very own Spotify playlist.

While this gift is good enough by itself, you can match it with a brand new mobile device with the playlist already downloaded. That is, if you have Spotify Premium and a decent budget.

4. An Online Serenade

What’s even better than a music playlist? A virtual serenade that’s specially dedicated to your loved one.

It doesn’t matter if your partner works abroad or if you lack the ability to perform in the serenade yourself. With services like oSerenade, you can hire an artist to sing it for you and deliver the finished product by your specified date.

5. A Pet

Starting a family is in every couple’s bucket list. But for those who aren’t ready for the challenges of parenthood, raising a pet would be a good “training”, so to speak.

By now, you should already have an idea on what animal your partner prefers as pets. In comparison with children, pets are relatively low maintenance. However, raising them is still a very challenging yet fulfilling experience. Just be sure your home can accommodate your family’s soon-to-be, newest member.

Bonus: Your Story in a Box

This next idea may require a ton of planning (a year’s worth, in fact), but it’s definitely one of the most romantic gifts you can ever give. Basically, you’ll spend the entire year writing about the most noteworthy events — be it your first overseas trip, your very first dinner with the family, that one time you danced in the rain, and so on.

Of course, you can also just recall everything you’ve done this past year and write them down. To make it more special, be sure to use colored paper and spray some of your cologne. Put everything in a keepsake box and you’re good to go.

While anniversaries are meant to be fun, they can also be stressful and frustrating, especially for the ill-prepared. Hopefully, the ideas above helped you come up with an amazing gift idea that your other half will surely appreciate.

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