oSerenade.com Pte. Ltd.  is poised to make the first Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the music industry. The online music service is set to offer blockchain tokens that will be utilized by musicians, artists, music stores, recording studios, and many others in the music industry.

oSerenade is the online version of a singing telegram. Customers can go to oserenade.com website and request an artist to create a music video with a personal message, which will then be delivered to their family, friends, or loved ones. The heartfelt performances are given as unique gifts that express feelings beyond words for the customers.

The company hopes to make their blockchain-based, oS tokens as the universal mode of payment for the music industry–enabling faster, easier, and more secure transactions. Starting as the primary mode of payment between their customers and artist, oSerenade wants oS tokens to be later utilized for global ecommerce in the music industry.

Uses for oS Tokens

  • Give tips or pay for song requests to musicians and artists
  • Purchase or rent musical instruments and equipment
  • Pay for use of recording studios and performance spaces
  • Crowdfund creative projects and related endeavors for musicians and artists

“We want everyone in the music industry to be on even footing, regardless if they are independent or studio-signed artists. With oS tokens, we hope to create a decentralized financial ecosystem that can sustain the industry through a united currency for the global market,“ says Romy Miranda, founder of oSerenade.

The roadmap for oSerenade on the blockchain is already laid out. The company’s CTO, JD Abenaza is working on completing the oS token wallet. At present, the payment service is hitched on the Ethereum network. Meanwhile, the company continues to expand its network and reach, by forming strategic partnerships with other like-minded individuals and businesses in the tech and music industry.

About oSerenade.com Pte. Ltd.:

oSerenade.com Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore-registered company. After months of developing its platform and business model, it finally launched on January 2018. Currently, the company caters mainly to the Southeast Asian market, but hopes to expand their customer network to Europe, Australia, and North America by end of the year.

Media Contact
Company Name: Oserenade PTE Ltd
Contact Person: Romy Miranda
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Country: Singapore

Source: http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/oserenade-pioneers-blockchain-technology-for-the-music-industry_197107.html