oSerenade Officially Registered in Singapore

Love is a universal language, and oSerenade is hoping to bring its message of love to more people this year. We’ve just completed our incorporation in Singapore and we’re ready to offer our services to the global community.

We’re excited to bring the Filipino tradition of singing to their loved ones to more couples, families, and friends. And help them express their love through the “online harana” which we pioneered in the Philippines.

In addition, we’ve also added more forms of payment, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, to make it more accessible for everyone. And soon, we will be launching our own digital token that you can use to purchase from us and our industry partners.

2018 will be a big year for oSerenade, and we’re inviting you to be part of it. Join us as we send more love to more people around the world.

How to Order from oSerenade

What’s up?

Want to give someone the gift of an online serenade?

This guide will walk you through the entire process. So, sit tight and put on your learning cap!

Step 1: Click the HUGE “Order Now” Button

It’s impossible to miss. In fact, our homepage has 2 “Order Now” buttons you can use!

Step 2: Identify the Recipient

We know — you probably want to virtually serenade a number of people with that big heart of yours. But for now, just specify the name of one person and your relationship with them. When you’re all set, click “Next”.

Step 3: Pick a Song

We will then provide you with suggestions based on the most requested songs. However, you’re free to use any song you want. Just type in the name of the song and the artist. If possible, you can also include a link to an existing YouTube video.

Step 4: Specify a Delivery Date

Want it delivered on Mother’s Day? Perhaps on your first anniversary? As long as you give us a 1-week head start, we guarantee your serenade will be right on cue.

Step 5: Choose a Singer

Now comes the fun part. In the next page, you get to see the attractive faces of our artists — along with their preferred genres. Check out their sound bites to hear how awesome their voices are!

Step 6: Add Your Heartfelt Message

You get to include a personal message to sweeten your online serenade. The minimum word requirement is 30 words, so don’t be shy and let it all out! If you’re lost for words, feel free to use one of our sample messages.

Step 7: Place Your Order

Finally, fill in your billing details, connect your Facebook account, and choose the payment method that suits you. We currently accept payments via bank deposit and PayPal.

That’s it! Don’t forget to review your order summary before finalizing your purchase.

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