About Us

What is oSerenade?

oSerenade comes from the term “online serenade”. It’s a marketplace where you can request a song for your loved ones, and then our music artists will sing and dedicate it to them with a personal message from you.

Our Goals

  1. To help people express what they feel beyond words

Sometimes, we find it hard to express what we want to say to our loved ones. And we’re here to help you get your message across distance and personal barriers.

Through a unique and special gift in the form of a dedicated song with a sincere message, we help people let their heart speak beyond words.

  1. To give music artists a venue where they can showcase their talents

Breaking through the music industry can be difficult, but there are many talented music artists and singers out there.

 We created this service to help them showcase their talents, earn extra income, and hopefully create more doors of opportunity for their career.



The oSerenade Team

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