Long distance relationships? Some people believe they never work out. But for some, it is the ultimate test of their love.

Sure enough, nothing is easy in a long-distance relationship — also infamously known as LDR. There will be nights when you’ll badly miss your other half, days you’ll regret not being able to answer their calls, and other times when you’ll deeply contemplate if it’s really worth the wait.

If you’re reading this post, then your relationship probably means the world to you, and that alone is reason enough to hold on to what you’ve got.

To keep the spark alive, here are 7 LDR gift ideas that will make you feel closer despite being miles apart:

1. A Box of Home
This first gift is best given to the person moving abroad. Basically, it’s a box that contains items that will remind them of home, be it a bracelet from a nearby beach resort or a CD album of a local artist.

Of course, you can also throw in a bunch of heartfelt letters, including those from friends and relatives.

2. A Scented Accessory
If you want them to feel your presence wherever they go, spray on some of your perfume on a brand-new accessory. It can be a necklace, bracelet, hat, or a necktie for men.

A handkerchief may also work, but they won’t be able to use it every day. Just be sure to include a bottle of your perfume in case the scent wears off.

3. A Couple Pillowcase
In a long-distance relationship, nothing stings more than the thought of sleeping countries away from each other. To ease the coldness, you can send your partner the other half of a couple pillowcase. A set of which can easily be found in e-commerce marketplaces.

A couple shirt would also have a similar, soothing effect to your distant loved one. But, just like the idea behind giving scented accessories, it’s better to give something that they can use every single day.

4. A Virtual Serenade
As a couple, there are many ways for you to overcome the distance. You can still see each other via video calls, hear each other through VoIP phone calls, and even smell each other with the help of scented gifts.

You can also express your love through virtual serenades with services like oSerenade. This can be done in a few simple steps. Just remember to place the order at least a week before you want the serenade to be delivered, be it your anniversary or your loved one’s birthday.

5. A Photo Album
A lot of couples today store all of their photos digitally rather than keeping an actual photo album. Sure, this means your other half can always reminisce your times together online, but being able to physically hold the pictures is an entirely different experience.

If possible, you can also create the album together before you or your partner leaves. This instills a value into the album that can never be measured by money.

6. Your Face on a Stuffed Toy
What’s even better than being able to hold your photo? Being able to hug and cuddle with it through long, lonely nights!

Today, you can find companies that accept orders for personalized stuffed toys. Simply go with any toy style you prefer and tell them to use your photo for the face.

Take note that the price for this gift varies depending on the size and material quality. As an alternative, you can go for personalized pillowcase, which are generally cheaper and more accessible in the Philippines.

7. A Souvenir from Where You Are
As the partner who’s going away, you often think to yourself: “I wish you were here.”

Unfortunately, you may need to wait a while before your other half can join you in your travels. For now, you can take your adventures to them by sending them a souvenir whenever you go somewhere new.

Before we end this post, let’s stop for a moment to appreciate all the OFWs who are willing to brave the challenges abroad. They show how powerful the Filipino spirit can really be, especially if it can lead to a better future for their loved ones at home. If you have a relative, friend, or partner working abroad, feel free to give them a shout-out in the comments below!