As a child, unwrapping a gift to find the toy you’ve always wanted is the best feeling ever. The same goes for teenagers who are granted their first laptops, iPhones, or even cars. For them, such gifts are incredibly satisfying because they most likely couldn’t afford purchasing those items themselves.

But what about someone who, theoretically, already has everything? For example, if your boss had been a good mentor, leader, and friend to you, would any of your material gift ideas appeal to them?

Worry no more — we did all the digging for you. Regardless if it’s their birthday or you just happened to draw their name for the office gift exchange event, here are seven ideas that they will definitely appreciate.

1. Ticket to a Sports Game
If your boss is a huge PBA fan, one of the best gifts you should consider would be game tickets — preferably when their favorite team is playing. In a nation of basketball lovers, competitions are being held all year round, so you shouldn’t have a problem picking one they’ll enjoy.

2. Card Holder Case
Do you want to know how executives keep all their cards and cash in their wallets? Probably uncomfortably. That’s why you should consider giving the gift of a business-class card case. And if you’re having difficulties looking for these in malls, consider checking out online shopping sites like Lazada instead.

3. Cake
The next gift idea should be rather self-explanatory, especially if the office is celebrating your boss’s birthday. Everybody loves cake, but some people can be finicky when it comes to the brand and flavor. You may need some insider information for this one, so be prepared to ask around until you find out your boss’s favorite cake.

4. A Song
Everyone has their own jam. If you’ve been working for your boss for quite some time, then you should at least have a clue on what artists they listen to. But rather than looking for CD albums, a more impactful gift would be a virtual song dedication. You can do this with the help of online serenade services.

5. A Snack Basket
If you’re going away on vacation, it’s normal for officemates request for “pasalubongs” from your destination. For example, “danggit” is a popular delicacy from Cebu City, while peanut brittle is from Baguio. Wherever you’re going, make sure you take home a bundle of snacks for your boss.

6. A Personalized Mug or Coffee Cup
Bosses are often associated with plenty of stereotypes, such as being grumpy, workaholics, unfun, and so on. While these generalizations are mostly based on assumptions, there’s one stereotype that’s more likely to be true — they’re probably heavy coffee drinkers. That’s why, no matter the occasion, a personalized coffee mug is always a thoughtful gift.

7. Homemade Food
The thing about giving gifts to bosses is that there’s no point in trying to impress them with the item’s price tag. For them, it’s always the thought that counts.

Whatever you do, you should avoid giving last-minute gifts that took no planning whatsoever on your end. Instead, come up with something that requires effort and time — like a DIY accessory or homemade cookies. This, of course, depends on your particular set of skills and hobbies.

For some people, the idea behind gift-giving is presenting someone an item that they really want. But in some occasions, it’s about staying in the good graces of your boss. Hopefully, the list above helped you do the latter.

What gift would you give your boss? Share it to our readers in the comments below!