As a guy, it doesn’t matter if it’s your anniversary, monthsary, or celebrating her nth birthday. If you don’t come up with a gift idea, then you could be in big trouble.

Sure, she can say that it’s the gesture that counts — that she’s content as long as you spend time together. But as her man, you have a duty to make her feel like the luckiest girl on the planet.

Aside from typical gifts like chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and other material things, dedicating music is one way to keep her thinking about you. After all, music shines where words regularly fall short — igniting powerful emotions in the hearts of listeners.

Here’s a short list of the top ten acoustic songs you can dedicate to your girlfriend:

1. Gitara – Parokya Ni Edgar
“Gitara” by Parokya Ni Edgar is one of the most iconic acoustic songs that a lot of millennials grew up with. The song is all about expressing your feelings through music, which matches exactly what you’re trying to do.
It may not be easy to play, but once you nail the basics of playing fingerstyle guitar, it should all come together easily with some practice. If you’re planning to perform this live, it’s a good idea to have someone else play the guitar while you sing, or vice versa.

2. Passenger Seat – Stephen Speaks
Next on this list is “Passenger Seat” by Stephen Speaks — a song that will probably get recognized anywhere. This is the perfect song to dedicate if you’ve been on plenty of road trips with her.
Getting to sing it should be a privilege for you as well. After all, you finally have everything that you need, sitting right there in the passenger seat. No matter where you’re headed in life, you’ll surely get there with a blissful smile on your face.

3. Wherever You Will Go – The Calling
You don’t need to be an expert guitarist to perform The Calling’s “Wherever You Will Go”; the entire song can be played with only four chords. It also has one of the most powerful lyrics any guy could sing to a gal. And if you’re not together yet, you can melt her heart away with: “If I could make you mine, I’d go wherever you will go.”

4. Tuliro – Sponge Cola
When played acoustically, “Tuliro” by Sponge Cola gives off a fun and positive vibe that your girlfriend will love. Imagine singing this song with your posse: two guys playing guitars, another with a pair of maracas, and you singing your heart out — holding a single rose. Such a gift is nothing short of awesome.

5. You and Me – Lifehouse
Okay, Lifehouse’s “You and Me” might be a bit trickier to play than the previous songs, with roughly double the number of chords you have to play. However, it makes up for it by being easier to sing. The song is about facing all the confusion that goes on in everyday life, and having that one person that turns everything into background noise.

6. Your Song – Parokya ni Edgar
Yes — there are two Parokya ni Edgar songs in this list, but that’s only because they’re that good. This particular song, called “Your Song”, deserves to be sung to every girl. It’s simple, pure, and sincere. Hopefully, those words also describe you as a partner.

7. Collide – Howie Day
This song may remind you of the morning sun as it reflects from your girlfriend’s face. For a different couple, it may pertain to all the signs and ‘coincidences’ that put you in each other’s path. Whatever your inspiration may be, Howie Day’s “Collide” is, without a doubt, a song worth dedicating.

8. Photograph – Ed Sheeran
One of Ed Sheeran’s slow songs, “Photograph” perfectly defines love during its first lines. It can hurt, it can be hard, but it will definitely make you feel alive. Before you sing this song to your girlfriend, consider creating a picture collage of your memories first.

9. Marry Me – Train
Are you finally ready to pop “the question”? Then “Marry Me” by Train is the perfect song choice. At this point, it shouldn’t even matter if you can sing it well or not. Remember, you only get to ask that question (hopefully) once in your life — might as well go all out.

10. Abot Kamay – Orange and Lemons
It may not be popular as popular as the other songs on this list, but “Abot Kamay” by Orange and Lemons has a melody that every listener will remember. The song is about a guy’s yearning to get close to that special girl. You may already be close to your girlfriend emotionally and physically, but singing this song to her would still create a “kilig” moment.

Ready to dedicate a song? Whether you’re too shy, out of practice, or living far away from your girlfriend, you can still send a virtual serenade in a few simple steps. Check out this page for specific instructions!